What is Cloud Storage?


Cloud Storage is a model of online storage in which data is stored on multiple distributed servers in a network provided for customers use.

In contrast to the model of data storage on dedicated servers, purchased or rented specifically for this purpose, internal structure of the server is not visible to the client.

The data is stored and processed in the cloud that represents from the point of view of the client, one big virtual server. Physically, these servers can be located remotely from each other geographically, this maybe on different continents.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

  • The client pays only for the storage capacity that is actually used, not the server rent.
  • The client does not need to engage in the acquisition, support and maintenance of its infrastructure for data storage, which ultimately reduces the total cost of production.
  • All procedures for the backup and data integrity are provided by the cloud center, which does not involve the client in the process.

Potential issues

  • Safety in the storage and transfer of data is one of the main issues when dealing with the cloud, especially for sensitive, private data.
  • The overall performance when working with data in the cloud may be lower than when working with local copies of data.
  • Reliability and timeliness of the data and availability of the cloud is dependent on many parameters such as data links on the path from the client to the cloud, the last mile problem.

Cloud gateways

Cloud Gateway – a technology that can be used for better representation of the cloud client. For example, with the appropriate software, the storage in the cloud can be presented to the client as a local drive on your computer. Thus, work with the data in the cloud is absolutely clear. Thus, work with the data in the cloud is absolutely clear.

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