Guide to Firefox for mobile releases

Firefox OS

The user interface is completely redesigned for small screens, the controls are hidden so that only the content of the page is displayed and handled with touch gestures.

Official Firefox for mobile page

When it was released in 2009 the fifth beta for Maemo devices, it used the Firefox branding, it included the name “Firefox” and its respective logo. Among its features are: tabbed browsing, a password manager, detection of the terminal location, and synchronization with the desktop version using Firefox Sync.

The first version of the browser, the 1.0 alpha 1 version was released on October 16, 2008 for the mobile device Nokia N800/N810 (Maemo OS). Another version was also released to be tested on Windows, Mac and Linux. On 22 December the same year the second and final alpha Maemo based on Nokia N800/N810 tablets was released. The first beta version of the browser for Maemo (N800/N810) was released on March 17, 2009.

Adoption in iPhone

Apart from its mobile development, Mozilla focused narrowly on the iOS platform. Firefox Home was inspired by synchronization technology (Sync), which displays a list of bookmarks and history when you enroll your account.

It was released in July 2010 and lasted more than 2 years. The last update was in February 2011, and its source code was released to adapt to other programs. After that, the developers released a successor prototype called Junior, available for iPad. This concept aims to create a simple experience.

Android Development and adoption

It was later released for Android mobile operating systems, again under the codename Fennec, focusing on smartphones. Version 2.0 was initially developed in April 2010 and continued beta later that year. The initial methodology for numbering the versions was dropped in version 2.0, and used the update cycle version Desktop months later.

New updates for the version 4.0, were finally released on 29 March 2011, it featured a drastically changed interface. The first preliminary version was launched features such as the integration of extensions, synchronization support.

Official Firefox for mobile page

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