Where can I find free photos to use on my website?


Q:   I need royalty free photos/images for my website, where can I get some without copyright restrictions.

A:   Flickr is the best place to start when looking for royalty free images, but not all photos on Flickr are free to use. You must use the Advanced Search tool on Flickr and choose the Creative commons images only option to find free stock photos for your website or blog.

There are many sites that come up on Google results that scream – Free photos, free photos!!! but when you visit them you find the opposite.

I found freephotosbank to be one of a few that actually offers free stock images. Alternatively go to Wikipedia and look for pages covering certain topics related to the images you need and download those.

But don’t forget to check the license, few images are still copyrighted on Wikipedia. However, this option only works when you are looking for a few photos.

Also try:




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