What are the basic characteristics of memory cards?

SD memory cards

A memory card is a storage of digital data used most often for the storage of digital images in digital cameras (APN) for backup parts on video game consoles, but also in MP3 music players or professional electronic equipment such as total stations.


Generally these cards are incompatible with each other, a memory card for Sony console does not work for a Nintendo console for example.

Playstation memory card

In the field of digital imaging, the cards are incompatible in the sense that a digital camera usually uses only one type of card. Digital cameras support more than one type of card figures are exceptions.

There are adapters to read a card type : for example, reading a CompactFlash on a PCMCIA port. However, these adapters can only read a card that is compatible.

Memory card reader

A memory card reader allows reading and writing of memory cards such as SD cards. Memory Card Readers are available in both external as well as internal models.

The external shape is a small box that plugs into a USB or FireWire to the PC or can be plugged in stick form directly into a USB socket.

The internal form is located in the PC case as a permanently installed rack, usually in the 3.5 “format and is connected by cable to the motherboard.

This connection can be done via USB, IDE or SATA. For laptops, there are readers in the form of a PCMCIA / CardBus card. CompactFlash are compatible with the PCMCIA slot.

Today’s memory card readers can be categorized as follows according to the number and type of slots: single card reader (eg 1x SD), Multi-Card Reader (eg, 9-in-1) and Series Card Reader (eg 4x SD only).

As some additional card reader combo drive, which are devices contain a drive for 3.5 “disks. As some additional card reader combo drive, which are devices contain a drive for 3.5 “disks.



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