ThinkPad laptops milestones


In 2005, the Chinese computer company Lenovo bought IBM’s personal computer division and became the third company in the world of computers (second in 2011). Lenovo is now responsible for the design and manufacture of ThinkPad. However, the IBM logo was used until 2007, since new models just show a ThinkPad logo.


1992: launch of the ThinkPad 700C, first Thinkpad with a color screen (the first portable color being the CL57-SX IBM, March 1992).

1994: launch of the ThinkPad 755CD, the first laptop with a CD player.

1995 appearance of the ThinkPad 701 and its famous keyboard “butterfly”.

1997: launch of the ThinkPad 770, the first portable computer equipped with a DVD player.

1998 appearance of the ThinkLight.

1999: first appearance of ThinkPad ultraportable (1.3 kg), the X series

2000: launch of the T series, combining mobility and performance.

ThinkPad 10 million sold worldwide since 1992.

2003 appearance of active protection system (Active Protection System) which allows the hard drive protection in case of impact or fall.

ThinkPad 20 million sold worldwide since 1992.

2004: launch of the first ThinkPad equipped with a fingerprint reader.

2005: Lenovo completes the acquisition of IBM’s personal computer division.

Launch of the Z series, the first ThinkPad with a wide-oriented multimedia screen.

2006 appearance of dual core processors on ThinkPad.

2007: the famous colored IBM logo is no longer used by Lenovo.

2010: launch of the Edge series boasting a radically different and more consumer oriented than other ThinkPad design.

The ThinkPad series in 2011

Series L: mid-range, the successor to the R series
T Series: mid-performance, mid-mobility, high-end features.
W Series: mobile workstations high-end successor versions “p” T series (as T60p or T61p).
X Series ultraportables. Also available in Version Tablet PC with touch screen.
SL Series: entry level, absence of certain features such as ThinkPad ThinkLight or magnesium shell.
Edge Series: different design, consumer orientation. Like the ThinkPad SL series some features are missing.

Other products derived from the same name, was as follows:

Lenovo ThinkCentre: desktops
ThinkStation: workstations
ThinkServer: Servers
ThinkVision: Screens

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