Understanding the typical Blu-ray features


One can find different functions on the Blu-ray discs. The Blu-ray disc player must be compatible with the desired function.


This function is part of the specifications of Blu-ray format. This is a function to connect the Blu-ray player to the Internet. With BD-Live, you can download and add content to the program during playback.

There may be stories about the film (shown in pop-up screen), a new soundtrack, a set of new scenes, new subtitles, exclusive documentary , interviews, audio commentary, etc.

There are so many other possibilities, including the online purchase of products in the film. Some major film companies no longer believe in the future of BD-Live and it seems that its decline is inevitable.


This function uses the BD-Live and is powered by Gracenote. MovieIQ allows users to access real-time database online via internet connection present on the Blu-ray Profile 2.0 players. And include information on the film, the director, actors, etc..

This Blu-ray feature is for fans of television series. Developed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, allow viewers to always know exactly where they are in season and they look to resume playing in the right place it is intended to, even if the disk has been removed from the reader .

This Blu-ray feature allows connection via BD-Live chat with friends. This feature is produced by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

This function allows the user to import their friends list within its environment BD-Live6. This innovation Warner aims to create a new mode of consumption of home theater and popularize community sessions.

This is an interactive development environment derived from Java. It provides access to compatible discs features like picture in picture (Picture In Picture), connecting to the Internet to retrieve additional content or storage of information in the reader’s memory. It is complementary to the BD-Live function.

This is mainly used for market segmentation for price discrimination, but also allows movie studios to control the various aspects of delivery (including the content and release date) depending on the region.

At the end of 2008, nearly 70% of all records were delivered without region (“region free”). Some studios maintain marketing areas, depending on the title.

The Blu-ray disc is a patented digital disk format marketed by the Japanese company Sony. It stores and renders video recordings in High Definition. Its name comes from the type of laser that operates close to the spectral color blue. Blu-ray is simply the technology used to read and write data

Blu-ray uses a high numerical aperture (0.85) blue-violet laser (wavelength: 405 nm). Compared with the infrared laser (wavelength: 780 nm) of 0.45 numerical aperture used for the CD and the red laser (wavelength: 650/635 nm) of 0.6 numerical aperture used for DVD.

Blu-ray can store more information on the same surface with a thinner radius (laser spot diameter: 290 nm) inducing smaller and shorter grooves etching (range: 320 nm) and shorter cells (minimum length: 149 nm – 135 nm for the 27 GB model now abandoned).

The first consumer devices incorporating this technology appeared in late 2006, and these include PlayStation 3 (November in Japan and the United States), launched on 23 March 2007 in France.

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