What basic applications are offered by the iPhone?

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Exchange can follow the evolution of share prices or indices selected by the user.

It is possible to display, in addition to the value of the share or index, the growth rate in percentage or point and a graph.

Compass on the iPhone 3GS displays a picture of a traditional compass and uses the built-in compass to the device. You can choose between a focus on true north and magnetic north.

In addition, the application displays permanently the GPS coordinates of the device. It has a button to open the Maps application, locate the device, guided by its actual orientation.

Calculator for the iPhone and iPod Touch in portrait mode, features basic calculation functions (four operators, working memory). Once switched to landscape mode, it has scientific calculation functions.

Contacts is a contact list of the device. In the case of the iPhone, it is simply a transposition of the “Contacts” tab in the Phone application in a separate application.

Dictaphone lets you record sound. Therefore, it is available on iOS devices with a micro (or compatible with an external microphone).

The recording interface displays the image of an old microphone, and a level meter needle showing the intensity of the ambient sound, and two buttons.

One can record or pause recording, the other displays the list of recordings already done by date and time, or during a recording to stop it.

The list of recordings to listen to offers (on speakers or not), remove them, send them via email or MMS, to shorten them by setting start and end with selection handles or they attach a label.

Small fancy from Apple: when the user taps the microphone image, the needle of the VU meter is agitated, as if tapping on a real microphone.

Clock has four features:
“Clocks” adds a number of clocks according to the time zone of the world’s major cities.

“Alarm” is used to set up multiple alarms. For each, it is necessary to set the alarm time, possible recurrence, the ring used (among the phone rings), a recall if the alarm is not stopped by the user, and short description will appear on the trigger.

“Stopwatch” has the functions of a standard stopwatch with start, pause, and turn.

“Timer” has launched a countdown lasting between one minute and one day, to the minute.

Kiosk launched, appears as a folder of applications to present magazines acquired by the user. These can be purchased on the dedicated section of the App Store.

Weather provides weather forecasts for cities pre-selected by the user. Thus, for each city are displayed time and temperature extremes for the week ahead. With iOS 5: if you press the weather of the day, the forecast is shown hourly.

Notes lets just typing on the keyboard, and save it as a “note.” You can browse through the notes already written, and possibly remove.

Notes can be automatically synchronized with IMAP mail accounts configured in the Mail application.

Reminders can be set up lists of tasks, categorize, and to associate alarms.

A peculiarity of these alarms is that they can not only be triggered at a precise date and time, but also to the arrival or departure of a specific place, using location services of the device.

Videos can view videos synchronized with iTunes. Before iOS 5, this app was built with music in one iPod application on some devices.
Siri voice control allows the iPhone (only iPhone 4S running iOS 5 and 6, iPhone 5 iOS 6, iPod Touch running iOS 5 and 6 New iPad iOS 6)

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