Understanding the role of web developers

Cartoon man typing on keyboard, looking at computer screen.

The job of the web designer or web developer is the creation and maintenance of websites on the World Wide Web. In the big internet agencies web developers are often used exclusively for the layout and design of Web sites . Further tasks are taken over by other specialists such as programmers.

An important part of the work of web designer, is also to find the best compromise between the wishes of the client, the needs of visitors and the technical possibilities. A good developer informs his client about the typical customer behavior on the Internet.


Vacancies for web developer freelancers usually require web design skills in the following areas:

  •     Design, especially web design
  •     Ease of use (usability) and accessibility
  •     Image processing with graphics software
  •     HTML / XHTML (mostly cross-browser ) for structuring the page content
  •     CSS for the design and layout of the site
  •     Flash ActionScript for the design of animations.
  •     Content Management Systems
  •     Common HTML editors

One or more of the following additional skills are most needed:

  •     JavaScript / DHTML programming client-side scripts – increasingly in conjunction with AJAX
  •     PHP for server-side programming
  •     Perl server-side programming
  •     Java / JSP to server side programming
  •     ASP / ASP.NET for server-side programming
  •     Python server-side programming
  •     Ruby on server-side programming
  •     SQL for the control of SQL databases (eg MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2 , Sybase)
  •     Silverlight for creating multimedia and dynamic web content
  •     Web server ( such as Apache Web Server or Microsoft Internet Information Services)
  •     Application server ( eg JBoss , Oracle Application Server , BEA Weblogic , IBM Websphere )
  •     Operating systems ( such as UNIX , Linux, Windows or Mac OS)


Web designers are usually trained graphic designers, media designers and computer scientists who have specialized in this field. Due to the rapid development and relatively young profession, this specialization is self-taught as a rule.

In some cases, meet the qualifications of the professional web designer as a professional individual with no prior knowledge of computer science , media design or graphic form.

Depending on the task developers use tools such as image editors, HTML editors, integrated development environments (IDEs), content management systems, and often software solutions for the design of animations, online games, video presentations, etc. are used.

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