Introduction to Various Types of Webhosting (Nethosting) Packages

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The market is confusing and subject to constant changes. For orientation, industry portals, and regular reviews of the providers in journals can be helpful.

There are many product categories, they can be shared hosting or dedicated hosting.

In addition to database backend (eg MySQL) to packages that include a web content management system (eg, WordPress, Joomla or Drupal), ISPs offer services such as monitoring, data storage, statistical analysis, load balancing, etc.

Shared hosting products are very cheap, but if you want to get more professional packages , you also have to pay more. Usually, it is possible to compromise between price and performance.

Important criteria for selection are recurring and monthly costs, the benefits, connection speed and the amount of available services.

Another way of web hosting is cloud hosting. It is a technology that is primarily distinguished by its flexibility. The data is directly hosted in the cloud, which saves a lot of administrative work .

Types of Hosting

Free Web Hosting Service

Provided free of charge by various providers. The functions offered are very limited, however, and are funded by advertising, for example.

Shared web hosting service

Here, all domains use a common pool of server resources, such as disk space, RAM or CPU. Simple functions are offered, but inflexible in terms of software and updates.

Virtual Dedicated Server

This type of web hosting divides server resources into virtual servers, where the hardware resources can be flexibly assigned to the respective user.

Managed Hosting Service

The data may be represented, for example, using a FTP tools. Restrictions exist for the user.

Colocation Web Hosting

The user has its own server and enjoys full control. The location of the server is, however, at another hosting company.

Cloud hosting

Clustered Hosting

Distribution of resources by merging multiple servers. Cluster servers provide an approach for high availability.

Grid Hosting

Distributed hosting is when a cluster acts as a private network. It contains several nodes.

Home server

Normally, a single, private computer used as a server for providing one or more websites.

There are also web hosting services that accept only certain types of files, such as photo sharing services only image files and video portals just movies.

Uptime and Availability

Availability, or uptime refers to the time when web hosting in which an online website is open to the public. The uptime is usually given in percent and for a one-year period.

The uptime is calculated with the following formula: Total time = 365 days per year * 24 hours per day * 60 minutes per hour = 525,600 minutes per year .

An uptime of 99%, for example, means that a website 3.65 days a year is not available. Or in other figures 7.20 Hours per month or 1.68 hours per week . The time in which a site is not available is called Downtime.

Downtime causes

If the server of a web host fails for a certain time there is a downtime. This is usually caused by power failures or technical malfunction of a server. All sites that are hosted on the affected server are thus not available.

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