Bulletin Board Code (BBCode) – Understanding Colors


BBCode allows you to change the color of text displayed either using the name of any of the predefined in the HTML standard, or by directly entering the desired hex color code RGB colors.

The latter method although a bit more complicated, can work with a wider variety of colors , the only requirement is to know how to generate them . There are utilities that are responsible for this, for example , the browser extension ColorZilla Mozilla Firefox.

Certain programs forums support using a limited variant of 3-digit hexadecimal RGB system ( where R is the value of the red color, the green color G and B the blue color) this system is simple to use at the cost of owning less color shades.

However, generally the system of 6 hexadecimal digits ( RRGGBB , where RR represents the value belonging to the red color, green color GG BB to blue ) this system allows 16,777,216 colors represent theoretically used .

A small list of some examples of available colors from the HTML standard BBCode:

Format Meaning Appearance
[color = ” black” ] Black [/ color] Text color Black Black
[color = ” brown” ] Brown [ / color] Text color Brown Brown
[color = “maroon “] Garnet [/ color] Text color Garnet Garnet
[color = “red “] Red [ / color] Text in Red Red
[color = “coral” ] Coral [/ color] Text Color in Coral Reef
[color = “orange “] Orange [ / color] Text color Orange Orange
[color = ” yellow” ] Yellow [ / color] Text in Yellow Color Yellow
[color = “olive “] Oliva [/ color] Text color Oliva Oliva
[color = “lime “] Lime Green [/ color] Text color Lime Green Lime Green
[color = ” limegreen “] Light Green [/ color] Text in Light green Light Green
[color = “green ” ] Green [/ color] Text color Green Green
[color = ” darkgreen “] Dark Green [/ color] Text on Dark Green Dark green
[color = “teal “] Slate [/ color] Text color Slate Slate
[color = ” cyan “] Cyan [/ color] Text color Cyan Cyan
[color = ” lightskyblue “] Clear Blue Sky [/ color] Text color Sky Blue Light Blue clear sky
[color = “blue “] Navy [/ color] Text in Blue Navy
[color = “navy” ] Navy Blue [/ color] Text color Blue Navy Blue naval
[color = “pink “] Rosa [/ color] Text color Rosa Rosa
[color = ” magenta” ] Magenta [/ color] Text color Magenta Magenta
[color = “purple “] Purple [/ color] Text Color Purple Purple
[color = ” gray” ] Grey [/ color] Text color Gris Gris
[color = “silver “] Silver [/ color] Text in Silver Silver
[color = ” white” ] White [ / color] Text in White
[color = # B0C4DE ] # B0C4DE [/ color] Text color RGB # B0C4DE
# B0C4DE


BBCode also allows the option to change the font of the text, however it is appropriate to note that not all sources will be visible to everyone, and that for a source to be presented in a browser must be installed on the system operating on which the browser is running. Here are some examples of the most common :

Format Meaning Appearance
[font = “Arial “] Arial [/ font] text with Arial Arial
[font = ” Wingdings “] Wingdings [/ font] text with font Wingdings Wingdings
[font = “Comic Sans MS “] Comic Sans MS [ / font ] text with font Comic Sans MS Comic Sans MS
[font = “Century Gothic” ] Century Gothic [/ font] text with font Century Gothic Century Gothic
[font = “Courier” ] Courier [/ font] text with font Courier Courier
[font = ” Fixedsys “] Fixedsys [/ font] Text with source Fixedsys Fixedsys
[font = “Georgia” ] Georgia [ / font ] text with font Georgia Georgia
[font = ” Lucida Sans “] Lucida Sans [/ font] text with font Lucida Sans Lucida Sans
[font = ” Monotype Corsiva “] Monotype Corsiva [/ font] Text Monotype Corsiva with Monotype Corsiva
[font = ” Times New Roman” ] Times New Roman [ / font ] text with Times New Roman Times New Roman
[font = ” Trebuchet MS “] Trebuchet MS [ / font ] text with font Trebuchet MS Trebuchet MS
[font = ” Verdana “] Verdana [/ font] Text with Font Verdana Verdana


As a derivative of HTML, one of the most powerful elements in the hyperlink is generally represented by the URL tag. There are two direct ways to create text hyperlinks using BBCode URL tag:

Format Meaning Appearance
[ url ] http://www.google.com [/ url ] shows the hyperlink on the destination address http://www.google.com
[ url = ” http://www.google.com “] Google [/ url ] shows the hyperlink on a word choice Google

Ordered structures

BBCode has two main types of ordered structures , lists and tables. The latter are not universally accepted and only some forums allow systems to work with.

In turn , there are two types of lists, simple lists and ordered lists. All ordered BBCode structures are essentially similar to their counterparts in HTML.

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