Introduction to free web hosting services


A free web hosting (also known as free hosting) is a service that allows users to publish web sites for free.

By registering for a free web hosting service, the user normally gets a control panel from which you can manage the service and a URL from which you can access the site.

There are a variety of sites and companies that provide services free web hosting, each have their peculiarities in the type of service provided and the conditions thereof.

Some types of Free Web Hosting

Hosting free in exchange for posts

In this type of hosting the user must actively participate in a particular forum or community to access the hosting service for free.

Hosting free in exchange for advertising

In this type of hosting the user must add advertising (provided by the hosting company ) on its website in order to access the service for free hosting. In some cases advertising is added automatically at the bottom or top of the site .

Free hosting with nothing in return

In this type of accommodation you are not asked for anything in return to the user, it does not need to put advertising on your site or participate in forums or communities. Some of these companies are financed bringing clients to other hosting companies selling payment or “upgrades ” in the free hosting.

Some popular services

Yahoo launched a while at the time the project Geocities , Lycos Each based their competitiveness on a different aspect . Geocities 15 Mb opted for storage ..

Lycos represented the perfect union of a simple and intuitive reach of the average user system. With respect to Geocities, it no longer exists .

Other services have tried to gain ground. Thus arose in his day some as 50 Megs or Freeservers, none of them was strong enough to overcome Geocities , which has been a pioneer and leader for many years in the industry and is now a classic story of this issue.

It has recently been incorporated into this battle Google with its new product Google Page Creator . Its strong point is the ease of operation of its WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) and its range of 100 Mb of free storage.

In Spain also emerged companies give free accommodation, as Galeon , which has evolved into hosting payment , or Iespana , telepolis , GeneSitios or miarroba .

One of the services that have been launched recently is uCoz offers the possibility to create free websites. Also offer free domains . Along with this service there are others that offer the possibility of creating and managing my projects on the Internet: , .


The free hosting offerings are generally limited. That leads to sites mostly suitable to create personal web sites. This is due to:

limited disk space ;
limiting the size of each file ;
limitation of certain file names. E.g. , are prohibited jfif * , * exe etc . . ;
. limitation of certain information ( as an example we mention the ban of erotic or pornographic agenda Some of them allow it but with limitations ;
Lack of support scripts and server management system database or some limitation in their use;
Third-level domain only . Lately names second level domain in the zones. Biz , is. Etc info .

Some limitations can be avoided by using additional services. For example , Free scripts can perform some operations without scripts were used.