Basic overview of network security


Network security is not a single fixed term, but includes all measures for planning, execution and monitoring of security in networks.

These measures are not only technical, but also relate to the organization.

Safety per se is always relative to see and not a fixed state. On one hand, we must consider how valuable the data is circulating on the network.

And on the other hand the network through expansion and technical development is always subject to changes that need to be reflected in changed security architecture. Increases in the area of security are often accompanied by increasing barriers to use.

The issue of safety often begins with the question of how a network can be protected against access from outside (firewall / DMZ). Users can use the resources of the network only after identification and subsequent authentication and authorization.

Thus, a compromise of a computer can be detected on the network, computers are often monitored. This can be internal or external.

Potential data loss caused by faulty software, misuse, negligence or age wear on the hardware is prevented by a backup, which is then stored separately. Software vulnerabilities can be countered by the timely install of firmware updates.

Additional security can be further increased by the use of certain software which is considered safe because it is subject , for example, an open- source license. Also, the opposite may occur: software that is considered unsafe may be banned.

By training the users, a need for security or awareness caused by conveyed that the data of a network are very valuable.

This allows the user to apply an understanding of the actions and not undermined by writing complicated passwords on pieces of paper and stuck it to his monitor. Finally, the physical access to the network itself may still be limited by means of access control.

Because the cross-linking of the internet is increasing more and more, network security plays an increasingly important role. The infrastructures of companies become more complicated, more and more information must be available online and/or managed.

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