Enemies of the proper functioning of internet forums


The main enemies of correct operation of the forum include:

Spam: posting unsolicited advertisements generally, chaotically or against the forum rules .

Trolls: users whose only interest is to annoy other users and disrupt the proper performance of the forum, either by not agree with its subject or just for fun that way.

Leechers: users who just want to take advantage .

Furthermore forums can also be attacked by crackers and the like.

Archaeologists: users engaged in reviving old posts, often aimlessly.

Chatters: users in forums, chats, and other means, in a short written language, simplifying words as in the SMS, or intentionally fail to respect the spelling, showing a little understandable writing by other forum members .

Fake: users posing as other members .

Puppet Users: Users who are registered on the forum two or more times, posing as different members, but administrators can end this periodically by checking the IP user.

Although they are not enemies, newbies (newcomers) may cause problems in the operation of the forum by making mistakes, either by not being able to quickly adapt to the community or not read or understand the specific forum rules.

Bullying behavior is detected when some members often react with unusual aggressiveness, often swearing at a party. Often this behavior degenerates into a real psychological abuser, that undermines participation if a forum user is systematically harassed.


The performance of bullies is contrary to the democratic principle of operation of the forums and eliminates the possibility of dissent and debate.

Many Internet forums tend to encourage the creation of communities with their own rules and even with a distinctive language, forming a subculture. They come to organize social events that may involve massive international travel.

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