Role of image hosting services


An image hosting service is a particular type of file hosting services dedicated to the category of images (files types – JPG, JPEG, BMP, ICO, GIF, PNG, and so on).

Who is it for ?

This service is geared towards web support for users who need to upload images of various kinds on a web server for a certain period of time and display the same in different contexts through a simple link inserted in the HTML img tag.

How does it work ?

Generally this service is made available more or less for free on web platforms that want to orientate their business on the masses and on the proceeds of the banner ads or premium services.

Via a web page these services allow users to select one or more images (depends on the structure of the site) via a form and send it to the central server via a simple click.

Issues associated with image hosting services

Like all things, even the creation of image hosting sites involves some problems. The main problems that you may encounter include:

uniqueness of the elements (each element has a name different from another, there can not be two images with the same name)
controlled size (to avoid overloading the server)
constant control (delete old files)
verification of the images (against pornography, child abuse, and so forth)
traceability of users (for security reasons, you must register each IP that loads images on the server)

Image hosting business

A platform that deals with image hosting servers needs some facilities and software to support computing effort that can withstand multiple users simultaneously.

Premium services offer users the opportunity to raise the upload and other limits while providing the image hosting site with much needed income.

Some of the premium membership benefits include multi-file upload or a longer lasting life of the images on the server, or even the ability to create photo galleries.

Combining these easy steps to a service boosts its profitability.

Image hosting services (websites) examples
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