Software deployment – Understanding installation of applications

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On Linux, the RPM format is widely used. The package will only receive the necessary application files, this includes the control file that tells the operating system what actions to perform during the installation.

The finished packages can either be scheduled by the competent central roles for the installation (push mechanism) or by the user, for example in a so-called software kiosk (pull mechanism). In the pull variant, license management is of great importance.

Configuring the operating system and applications

In general, the users are overwhelmed with the implementation of the configuration of applications. Incorrect configuration of applications is a common cause of problems.

In addition, security risks arise when critical components such as the virus scanners are configured incorrectly or even disabled.

Therefore, the applications are configured after installation. Here, the parameters of the application, for example, references to other computers, software keys and directory paths are set.

It may be a general parameter for all users who have the same value, or parameters which are set for different groups of users.

It is also necessary to distinguish whether the settings may be changed by the user, or if the software distribution is to make sure that the settings have to be changed or that changes are automatically undone.

Systems for software distribution manage these parameters at the central level and apply it automatically to the client computer.

In MS Windows, this can be achieved through the Group Policy, which retrieves the client PC from the domain controller of an NT domain or Active Directory.


After installing and configuring, the client computer reports back on the Software system and reports on the success or failure of the actions undertaken.

The administrator obtains the necessary information to eliminate interference, in particular the post-installation errors.

An overview of the topic of installing applications can be found in Installation ( computer).

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