Web applications – Characteristics of a pastebin


A pastebin (also nopaste) is a web application for publication of texts. A pastebin allows the publication of text modules and program code for later use or dissemination.

Typical functionality of a pastebin includes syntax highlighting for various programming languages. Some systems allow for uploading of files.

The author of a text can determine how long an entry should be publicly available. Each entry is identified by unique, anonymous characters and/or sequence of digits. Most pastebin systems offer a search function and an overview of the current Pastes.


With pastebin systems, you can make documents quickly via a simple URL. This is useful in chatrooms and forums, listings need not be stored there. Long passages of text in chats are usually perceived as floods and impair the chat history.

Some systems also offer a list of previous entries. Advanced features include the simulated compilation or direct execution of the code.

Known pastebin systems

pastxt.com – A widespread nopaste
pastebin.com – a pastebin with extensive syntax highlighting, a representative layout and functionality
pastebin.de – A nopaste in German language with syntax highlighting and Archives
nopaste.biz – A minimalist pastebin with syntax highlighting for various languages
pastie.org – A simple system with syntax highlighting
nopaste.info – Widespread open source ( gpl ) nopaste scripts and service with syntax highlighting based on the rafb – Hilightengine
Stikked – Simple Open Source based on CodeIgniter (PHP) , with paste – replies , real-time syntax highlighting and an API
sourcedrop.net – pastebin service with syntax highlighting which can optionally be operated via its own desktop client via drag and drop
no- paste.ch – Syntax highlighting for almost every known language. In addition, the possible is to create a user account and records with a password to protect
gist.github.com – A pnopaste with syntax highlighting from GitHub , which are all texts as Git repository available
pastehtml.com – HTML pastebin
dragbox.org – drag and drop with HTML5
hastebin.com – Anonymous with syntax highlighting
codepen.io – On the one hand a system for HTML, CSS3 and JS, on the other hand a regular geupdatete collection of impressive CSS3/JS-Animationen .


Due to the anonymity and missing tracing ability for systems, some pastebin systems are used for the publication of compromising information:

URL lists with vulnerable websites (SQL injection, cross-site scripting)
Content of compromised databases (database content, user names and passwords, MD5 Keys)

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